A Little About Me

I was born in Melbourne, Florida when it was still a small town, and I was pretty much raised at the beach. At age 10 my family moved to Summerville, S. C., where I spent my formative years. I became a hippie, and at age 16 I took off with some friends to go to Woodstock. Wish I could say I made it, but I got caught before I ever got out of South Carolina.

I have a B.A. in Forensic Psychology from Tiffin University and a Masters Degree from University of Phoenix. I did social work for a number of years. I've worked in Addictions, Community Mental Health, Corrections, and most recently, Child Welfare. Having seen the best and worst in people, I prefer to keep pretty much to myself now. My daughter worries about the lack of a man in my life but I tell her I write my own men now and the fantasy is better than the reality ever was. I was married and divorced twice and I find the single life suits me.

I've been writing since my early twenties but never thought about trying to get published until I met my pal, Sheri Livingston, in a Yahoo group. I have several e-books published and several works in progress on my desktop, so keep checking back to see what's new! You can read a previews and reviews my books by clicking on a title below.

Books by India Masters (Erotica)

Books by Keira Cole (Romance)