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The Romance Reviews

I was born in Melbourne, Florida when it was still a tiny little town, and I was pretty much raised at the beach. At a fairly young age, my father moved us to Summerville, South Carolina. He chose South Carolina because Northrup Aviation wanted to transfer him to California, where he figured his three daughters would wind up getting into trouble. As luck would have it, I grew up to be a hippie anyway! At 16 years old, I ran away from home to go to Woodstock. I wish I could say I made it, but I got caught before I ever got out of South Carolina.

I've been married twice - unsuccessfully both times - but the second one netted me a beautiful daughter who is nearly 24 years old. I'm happily divorced with no plans of changing my marital status.

I have a B.A. in Forensic Psychology and have been doing social work for a number of years. I've worked in Addictions, Community Mental Health, Corrections, and most recently, Child Welfare. Having seen the best and worst in people, I pretty much keep to myself now. My daughter worries about the lack of a man in my life but I tell her I write my own men now and the fantasy is better than the reality.

I've been writing since my early twenties but never thought about trying to get published until I met my pal, Sheri Livingston, in a Yahoo group. I have several e-books published and several works in progress on my desktop. I have so many stories in my head that sometimes I feel a little schizophrenic. But then, I'm a psychiatric social worker, so I can treat myself!