Internal Combustion

Chelsea doesn't want a man - problematic, because she can't stop imagining her boss naked. Finn is definitely off-limits. Chelsea loves her job at his garage way too much to let a little thing like lust ruin her future.

Too bad Finn isn't on the same page. He can't seem to think of anything but bending Chelsea over every flat surface in the garage and teasing her until she'll agree to every fantasy he's got.

Talking Chelsea into bed - and into some kinky BDSM fun - isn't nearly as hard as Finn thought it would be. The sex is scorching and he can't get over how their pillow talk revolves around their mutual love of engines, fast cars and high-octane fun.

Chelsea may let Finn tie her up, but she's not about to let him tie her down. The mere mention of a relationship has her pumping the brakes and looking for an exit. Finn's willing to give her the time and space she needs - he knows his woman better than she thinks, and he's willing to ignore every possessive instinct he has to prove it.


- Review by Shannon at The Romance Studio
- Review by BookAddict at The Romance Reviews