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Finn Morgan's skilled mechanic's hands are more than enough to get Chelsea Crane's motor running and her new boss has all the right tools to keep her running hot forever.
Working for an NGO in a war torn country is a dangerous occupation. All physician Angelique Vernet wants after a long day of saving lives and avoiding getting killed is a cold glass of Grey Goose vodka and a hot man in her bed. She gets both in the form of Mitch Acosta, a hot-blooded Special Forces soldier who's always there in the nick of time, in her bed or on the battlefield. But Acosta wants more from Angelique than she's willing to give. He'd rather she come to him peacefully but he's not above taking what he wants. In a battle of wills that takes them from Africa to South America, two strong-willed people will fight for one another until the bitter end.
Haley Kilpatrick isn't an easy woman to impress. The seasoned barrel racer has come to Junction, Texas to claim an inheritance, not the interest of a blue-eyed charmer who has cowboy Casanova written all over him. Besides, she doesn't have time to think about romance, not with a life hijacked by circuit rodeo, her spoiled, lazy brother Conner and a jailbird father. As if that isn't enough, she's just discovered her long lost aunt was probably murdered. Tempted to take the money and run, she decides to stay and with the help of her foreman, Dooley, and his family, begins to build a life for herself in the small Texas town.

Wyatt Brody is intrigued by the young rodeo queen who inherited the property bordering his ranch. So far, he's managed to avoid getting serious with any of the local women looking to end his bachelor lifestyle, but when Haley Kilpatrick rolls into town in her ratty pickup with her ugly one-eared dog, he's willing to reconsider his single status. Unfortunately, Haley carries around some dangerous baggage, namely Kent Kilpatrick, her jailbird father who believes what's hers is his and will do what's necessary to see she cooperates.

Athena Rochan lived a life most Elecian women could only dream of. Single, she ran her father's company and enjoyed unparalled freedom in a world where married women were little more than sex slaves to their husbands. But Athana's world is rocked when her father returns from the war and sends into training with Barik Lugaran, the gorgeous alpha hunk hired to teach her the ways of a proper wife. When she enters Barik's world, she is shocked and aroused by what awaits her. Sex she's never dreamed of and punishments so erotic it's hard not to be bad.
What do a party girl, an eccentric professor of human sexuality and a playboy financier have in common? Nothing. Or so Jonathan Bain thinks when he joins Little does he know he's the target of a social experiment. Fashion journalist Anna is determined to prove love is a conspiracy and her best friend Parvoti is equally determined to prove love, including polyamory, exists. Jonathan's first meeting with FashionDiva ends in a night of screaming sex on his yacht. His first date with PsyDoc29 ends in a disaster of spilled coffee and the dreadlocked professor sneaking out. Man-eater Anna is exactly his type but there's something about socially awkward Parvoti that intrigues him. When he discovers he's been deceived, Jonathan must decide-forgive them, or walk away from a chance at love. While Parvoti and Anna are just friends, they don't see any reason not to enjoy Jonathan simultaneously.

Publisher's Note: This story was previously published elsewhere but has been revised and expanded for Ellora's Cave.

Alena Hyde is on a mission to deliver badly needed humanitarian aid to the people of Serak V. Commander Griel Ruzak can't believe his eyes when the beautiful Captain Hyde hails him, requesting permission to land. She is an answer to their prayers. Not only does she bring much needed medical aid, she and her crew offer the men of Serak the means to repopulate a planet devastated by a disease that killed their women.

To Alena's shock and dismay, she wakes from a crash landing to find herself naked and trussed like a chicken. Ruzak makes his intentions clear. All the women traveling with her will become breeders for his men. She, he informs her, will be his.

Author's Note: This short story contains content that may be objectionable to some readers.

When Olivia Sheppard left the service, she had no idea what to do with her life. She never thought she'd wind up as head of security, and so much more, for trendy club owner and international mystery man Noah Lazarus. Breaking her rule of non-fraternization with the boss, Olivia and Noah begin a torrid affair.

Steamy sex with a hot man isn't enough to win a woman like Olivia and Noah knows it. But he is compelled to win her. Unfortunately, he has a secret, one that may cost Olivia her life. What he doesn't know is whether Olivia can love and accept him for who he is. Or whether he can keep her alive long enough to prove that love can last for all eternity.

Publisher's Note: This story was previously published elsewhere but has been revised and expanded for Ellora's Cave.

An AWOL Super Soldier. Conscience drove him from the IMF. Necessity drove him to Bounty Hunters, Inc. But Duncan Storms skills are no match for the woman destined to teach him the one thing he's never known...what it feels like to love and be loved.

Anari Fury is the beloved daughter of an Amalgamation senator. Life on Sa-Ro Five is good until she catches the eye of a ruthless pirate. Refusing his advances sets in motion a chain of events that changes her life forever. Taken from the only home she's known, Anari is sold as a sex slave. But she possesses a secret that puts her at even greater risk than that posed by the man who has enslaved her, a frightening man with opaque gray eyes and a past that could get them both killed. Together, Duncan and Anari must fight to regain control of a technology capable of providing a better life for millions, or destroying entire worlds. Along the way, both will learn what it means to give their all for the love of another.

As a photography geek and a shy loner in high school, Libby Wild was the perfect prey for bad boys Ty and Bodie Cade. Taunted and humiliated, she vowed never to return to her Wyoming hometown once she left. Unfortunately, we can't always control where life takes us. Now a successful photojournalist living in New York, Libby is sent on assignment to shoot Yellowstone National Park, practically in her old backyard. Persuaded by her one friend from the past to join forces and present a united front at their high school reunion, Libby steps out of her comfort zone and agrees to go. She's not the girl she used to be, and it's time she prove that.

There's no doubt Ty and Bodie have returned for the reunion themselves. Still cocky but now ruggedly handsome and irresistibly sexy, the twins expect to enjoy a return to their glory days, but they are as shocked as anyone to see Libby Wild there. The meek little girl they remember has become a sexy and confident woman. Determined to give her their time and attention and make amends for high school, they scheme to escort Libby on her photo shoot and show her a side of nature she never imagined existed.

As Libby spends more time with the two men she finds herself unable to resist the sexy twins. And as anger and resentment become fiery passion and desire, Libby learns the horrible secret burden the twins have carried all their lives, and discovers a truth about her own wild nature that leaves her wanting and needing the comfort and love she finds in their arms. ("Forbidden Passions" was originally published as the novella "Yellowstone Wild").

Sexy Dixie Rose Bonifay has sunk her roots deep in the Texas hill country she calls home. Having dedicated her life to the one thing she loves most-cooking-she's built her own successful mobile food business catering to the construction workers in the area, and she's stirring up the appetite of every man around, in more ways than one.

When smug California architect Quin Halladay comes to town, he sets his sights on Dixie's ranchland-and on Dixie herself. Confident and charming, he can't wait to bed the alluring Dixie and add yet another notch to his bedpost. What Quin doesn't realize is that Dixie can match wits with him every step of the way, and before Quin knows it the Texas beauty has turned the tables on him and he can't get her out of his head.

As the two get down to business in a romantic Texas two-step, it's a battle of wills and wits between small-town smarts and big-city arrogance. And with all the local men circling their wagons to protect the woman they've come to love and respect, Quin will have to prove himself and choose between the city life he knows and the Texas rose he's come to love. (This was originally published under the name India Masters).

The second book in the Bonifay Family series by Keira Cole, following "Come and Get It."

As one of the youngest Bonifays, Rebecca suffered the most when her parents died, but with the strength of her close-knit Texas family behind her, she came through it and now helps run the Bonifay ranch and her own horse rescue operation. She's also matured into a sexy and beautiful woman with an itch that needs scratching. Setting her sights on Jesse English, the dark cowboy who's recuperating at the ranch, Rebecca decides it's time to stop letting her older siblings call the shots and start taking charge of her own desires.

Jesse is a drifter through and through. Orphaned at a young age, he's seen the worst of state care and foster homes, and he knows better than to put down roots in any one place for long. Scarred by his drug-addled father, he knows he's not good-looking enough for a woman like Rebecca, and with nothing to offer her, he just wants to get healthy at the ranch and move on before he gets hurt again.

As Jesse begins to heal and Rebecca makes it more than clear that she wants the moody and ruggedly handsome cowboy to be her first, he has to fight every impulse he has as a man to keep her at a distance. But there's no denying the headstrong beauty or the raging passion building between them, and as the two struggle with their conflicting needs they discover a stronger connection that just might give them both the chance to mend their damaged hearts.

The first novella in the Darkshadow Rebellion series!

In the aftermath of an interstellar power play, Carmel Bastion is left with only one passion-to rescue her parents from their captors and overthrow the oppressive government that has taken over her world. Once a shining example of honor and duty, Darr Handel is awaiting death in a penal colony. Only his hatred for his captors and his indomitable will to live keep him going. But when the gorgeous Carmel presents him with a plan to break out of prison, he suddenly finds another reason to keep going. Her.

Darr readily agrees to her two conditions for escape: he must help her rescue her parents, and he must help train and lead soldiers for the rebellion. But Carmel must agree to his: she is to become his sexual slave and submit to him in whatever way he imagines, for however long it takes to defeat the enemy. Drawn to his strength and aroused by the passion in his eyes, Carmel agrees to the plan. She'll do anything to get her parents back.

As the rebellion grows stronger, Darr makes good on his promise. And together with fellow resistance fighter Na'ram, he takes Carmel to heights of passion that surpass even her desire for vengeance. In a fight fueled by a hunger for freedom-and for Darr-Carmel comes to see she has everything to gain and nothing left to lose.

Watch for Retribution, the second book in the Darkshadow Rebellion series.